La’dor Damage Protector Acid Shampoo_02
La’dor Damage Protector Acid Shampoo_02

La’dor Damage Protector Acid Shampoo

Acid shampoo that neutralizes alkaline hair

It neutralizes hair with irritated cuticle layer due to perm and dyeing into sub-acidity. It makes hair healthy and soft by helping nutrient and moisture supply to damaged hair with argan oil ingredient that supplies moisture and nutrients to hair.

It can be used before hair coating or dyeing, or it neutralizes hair pH for alkalized hair due to perm and dyeing by using an acid shampoo, tidying up damaged hair cuticles. It also increases persistency after perm as well as color persistency and clarity after dyeing.

Maintains resilient curl after perm and clear reflection right after dyeing

Take care of your hair damaged due to perm, dyeing, etc. with sub-acidity.

It makes curls more elastic and maintains colors more clearly.

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