Lador Scalp Helping Hair Tonic
Lador Scalp Helping Hair Tonic

La’dor Scalp Helping Hair Tonic

Containing various natural ingredients, it makes hair firm and healty.

Hair loss care and growth function

1) Prevents hair loss and dandruffs: Containing all kinds of natural ingredients such as ginseng, iris, licorice, angelica genuflexa, aloe, and green tea extract, it prevents hair loss and dandruffs.

2) Alleviates scalp itchiness by adjusting excessive sebum of scalp: The hinokitiol ingredient of phytoncide extracted from fire tree and grapeseed extract alleviates the itchiness of scalp.

3) Supplies scalp nutrients and helps hair growth: All kinds of natural ingredient act on scalp and scalp with hair loss, helping with hair growth and preventing hair loss. 4) Scalp soothing effect: Hinokitiol ingredient and green tea ingredient soothe and take care of scalp.

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