La’dor Premium Morocco Argan OIL

Nature-extracted argan kernel oil gives moisture and gloss to irritated hair

Oil with the best moisturizing power without softness, sheen, and stickiness! Containing argan oil and no-alcohol essential fatty acid of Eco-certification, it moisturizes hair, supplies nutrients, and gives vivid sheen to it. Containing tocopherol that is 4 times stronger than olive oil, it moisturizes hair and makes it firm.

  1. Powerful moisturizing ability

Contains argan kernel oil, which has an excellent ability to store moisture, for powerful moisturization on hair.

  1. Free from artificial color and paraben

Does not contain artificial color and paraben.

3.Makes hair firm

Contains necessary fat acid and vitamin E which are rich in argan oil, making hair firm and soft.

4.Adjusts oil & moisture balance

Contains jojoba seed oil and olive oil for powerful moisturization to adjust oil & moisture balance of hair.

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